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Mutants On The Margins

Reflecting on the films

So, thinking back on all of the films we have screened this term:

  • Which film is your favorite?
  • Least favorite?
  • Which are you likely to watch again?
  • Which are you likely to never watch aagain?
  • What film are most glad to have seen?
  • Least glad?
  • Which was most interesting to you in terms of mise-en-scène?
  • What was most interesting to you in terms of the theme of On the Margins?


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Rylan Blair

Id have to say my favorite film we have viewed as a class was The Zodiac, just how dark and gritty of a crime drama it is really I enjoyed. My least favorite movie was Carol, it was good movie sure but it just didn't suit any thing I enjoyed in a movie personally. The film I most likely to watch again is Leave No Trace as I think it has a bunch of teaching points in the film. I don't however see myself watching Carol again at any point in my life. In terms of mine-en-scene I think the film the Perez Family did a really good job emphasizing how different things put into the film help the viewer feel a certain way by adding in simple details that help progress the film. The best representation of the theme of on the margins is the Florida Project. Some of the long takes really show just how free the children were in this movie and just how out of the norm their lives were.

mak york

my favorite film was definitely X-Men. My favorite movies ever are action hero movies, making any Marvel film my absolute favorite, because I love action packed, fast moving movies that have my constant attention. My least favorite had to be Leave No Trace. It just wasn't capturing to me, it was the same thing over and over again, and it was just about a selfish man running from his own problems and forcing his daughter to come along. I would 100% watch Blindspotting again. It was interesting, suspenseful, humorous at the right moments, and I just really enjoyed the plot as a whole. I'm probably never going to watch Carol again. It was a nice first-watch, but it really isn't captivating for me to re-watch. It was too slow. While I love action movies, suspenseful murder movies such as Zodiac are a close second. That's why I was glad to have watched a movie like that, something to keep us on the edge of our seats and intrigued the whole time. Least glad I would have to say Leave No Trace again. I hate independent films, and there are very few that I enjoy.

Mariano Manzo

My favorite film that we screened was X-Men since superhero movies are my go-to when deciding to watch one. The film I was least intrigued by was The Zodiac because I typically don't enjoy those types of movies as much. Carol is probably one of the films I would watch again, I was surprised how much I enjoyed it and would have probably never gone out of my way to see it to begin with. In the terms of M-E-S, I feel as if my favorite film was Children of Men because of the uniqueness of filming techniques that were used.

Katelyn beard

My favorite film throughout the term was probably Blindspotting, I had never seen it before and I really enjoyed the cinematography and unique set ups to the mis-en-scene.
My least favorite was Carol, only because of the overuse of long takes to show emotion and the 'slower' feel that a film set in that era brings to the screen.
I am likely to watch to watch Children of Men and Zodiac again, as I have liked them since they came out originally.
I am likely to never watch Carol, Leave no Trace, or The Florida Project since they have less action and entertainment value to me.
I am glad I saw Blindspotting; I think it had a interesting story, awesome cinematography and was a funny and enjoyable movie at the same time.
I was least glad to watch Carol; when you have a very stylized film to fit an era, it is harder for me to hold my suspension of belief and stay "in" the movie.
I think they all have a special way of making up the mis-en-scene, but I think that Goodfellas and Blindspotting were very particular in what they used and chose to make up the mis-en-scene.
I think every film showed the concept of living on the margins in their own unique way. That is important because a key aspect of marginalization is perspective, so in order to show it accurately, various viewpoints must be presented.

Ray Barton

Out of all of the films, Children of Men was my least favorite simply because I didn’t dive into the themes of the film as much as the others. This was also a film we watched at the beginning so it was difficult to navigate the new terms of how a shot is made while also keeping up with the movie. My opinion on the film would definitely change if I saw the film again. My favorite one to watch both in terms of mes-en-scene and the conversation of being on the margins was Blindspotting because it perfectly showed the experience of being marginalized as a black man living in the inner cities as well as the experience of people who are white passing and still grow up in these rough areas dealing with hipsters appropriating the culture. I could watch X2 because it discusses both the marginalized experience as a minority racially and people in the lgbt community.

Taylor Seufferheld

My favorite film from the class would be Goodfellas. My least favorite was Carol. one movie i'd probably watch again was Blindspotting. in terms of Mise-en-scene I think the movie that stood out to me the most was Blindspotting because to me neither of the main characters every truly said what they were feeling about a situation and it was up to the viewer to determine those feelings.

Sadee McClendon

My favorite of the films viewed in class was Blindspotting. My least favorite was The Florida Project. I'm very likely to watch Blindspotting again but I’ll probably never watch X2 again because it just wasn't as good as I remember it being as a kid. I am most glad to have seen Carol because it’s not usually the type of movie I gravitate too but I really enjoyed it. The film Children of Men was the most interesting in terms of mise-en-scene and Carol was the most interesting in terms of the theme of On the Margins.

Myah Christensen

After the term, my favorite film was The Florida Project and Blindspotting. My least favorite was Children of Men. I am least likely to rewatch Carol but I am more likely to rewatch Zodiac. I am glad to have seen Goodfellas because I have always heard of it but never found time to watch it. I am the least glad to have watched Children of Men. When thinking about miss-en-scene was Children of Men due to the way that they filmed, and when looking at on the margins I liked both The Florida Project and Carol.

Austin W Woodall

My favorite was blind spotting and I have already watched it again with my friends. I thought it was a fantastic film. My least favorite would probably be X2. Though I still enjoyed it.

Tyler Durbin

My favorite film that we watched was Children of Men. I had watched before and really enjoyed it then and I’ll probably be rewatching. My least favorite film would probably Carol because it’s not really my genre in movies. I like action packed fast pace. Mise en scene wise Children of Men was most interesting. Also, Blindspotting was the most interesting in terms of on the margins.

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